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Unleash Your Inner Athlete at Tone House: A Review of Their Intro To Conditioning Class

Updated: May 31

Ready to push your limits and discover your inner athlete? Tone House is an athletic-based, strength and conditioning training facility aimed to unleash everyone’s inner athlete. These sessions are team-oriented, competitive, fun, and supportive which guarantee optimal fitness results. The Intro to Conditioning class featured sprinting, agility exercises, plyometrics, sports drills, and endurance-building cardiovascular training.

I, Sarah, a NYC-SOCIETY Team Member, had an incredible experience at their Intro to Conditioning class. Forget the intimidation factor of going to a new studio - Tone House fosters a welcoming, team-oriented environment that thrives on friendly competition. During the class, I was surrounded by like-minded individuals who motivated me to dig deeper and achieve my fitness goals.

Definitely don’t let the “Intro” class fool you - this class was challenging! The session kicked off with a dynamic warm-up, incorporating elements like jogging, high knees, and explosive lateral jumps. We then transitioned into partner exercises and were put into stations involving rowing and planks, harness runs, and partner rope slams.

Warm Up & Fitness Class

By the time we reached the sprints, sled relays, and speed drills, my legs were shaking! Yet, the energetic atmosphere and infectious enthusiasm of the instructor kept me pushing forward. The class ended with a cool-down and some deep stretches leaving me exhilarated and ready to conquer anything.

If you are looking for a fitness experience that is challenging, exhilarating, and rewarding, you need to check out Tone House in NoMad - you won’t regret it!

Oh, and did we mention that NYC-SOCIETY members can save an additional $10 on the Rookie Pass? Visit our Perks Page to learn more and access this special offer!

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