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Pilates Studios You Should Try Out in New York City

Updated: May 31

Did you know that, based on a 2022 study, over 10 million people globally were actively practicing Pilates? This versatile exercise method, celebrated for its benefits in flexibility, strength, and posture, continues to attract enthusiasts worldwide.

Ready to explore Pilates in New York City? We've got the lowdown on all the coolest Pilates studios around! New York City is packed with experienced, trusted health and fitness experts who are ready to help you live your BEST New York City healthy lifestyle.

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a holistic exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates, focusing on enhancing flexibility, strength, and overall body awareness. Emphasizing core principles such as concentration, control, and breath, Pilates involves:

  • Precise, controlled movements designed to improve muscle tone and endurance

  • Mat-based workouts

  • Specialized Pilates equipment that's adaptable to different fitness levels.

Pilates is renowned for its ability to enhance core strength, posture, and overall body conditioning while fostering a mind-body connection, making it a popular choice for those seeking a balanced approach to fitness.

Best Pilates NYC

Whether you're searching for personalized 1:1 Pilates sessions, group classes, or a fresh fitness experience, we've got you covered! Explore our top picks for the best Pilates studios in the NYC area that you won't want to miss. Know of other Pilates Gyms, Businesses, & Professionals that should be featured on NYC-SOCIETY? Please DM us via Instagram & let us know!


Bombshell Pilates

Step inside, slip on your grippy socks, let's get going! Bombshell Pilates is a small independent studio located in Chelsea/Flatiron, dedicated to building your strength, mobility, and control, while deepening your mind-body connection through the classical Pilates system. In our classes, we’ll teach you to apply learned physical skills to your everyday life to help you find more strength and energy and less pain. We’ll evolve with you, helping you reach new goals as you master the Pilates system and yourself.

NYC-SOCIETY Members receive a special offer: 15% off any 5-pack of mat, semi-private, or private pack! Visit our Perks Page to learn more & to access your special offer!

Studio Pilates

Experience the Studio Pilates difference yourself. Located in Brooklyn, Studio Pilates' Reformer Workouts are created by Physical Therapists and are addictive, effective, and suitable for everyone no matter your age or fitness level, and are conveniently completed in just 40 minutes.

Their world-class instructors are highly knowledgeable and the use of audio-visual technology in their studios allows them to give one-on-one attention and individual focus so you get an unparalleled workout experience.

NYC-SOCIETY Members receive a special offer: $10 off our 6 for $120 New Client Pack! Visit our Perks Page to learn more & to access your special offer!


Elevé sculpt is a dynamic full-body workout. It blends low impact sculpting series, built on elements of Pilates, barre, and functional training, with easy-to-follow dance cardio, to lengthen, tone, and feel great during and after working out. A continuous flow of movement set to an upbeat playlist helps to increase the heart rate and break a sweat, while strengthening the body and energizing the mind. Sneakers recommended.

NYC-SOCIETY Members receive a special offer: your first class for only $15! Visit our Perks Page to learn more & to access your special offer!

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