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Benefits of Virtual Fitness and Why It’s Here to Stay

Virtual fitness classes are all the hype! Since the pandemic began in 2020, the virtual fitness industry has sky-rocketed. It’s so easy to incorporate fitness and wellness into your lifestyle through online fitness options. There are so many benefits to virtual fitness and below we have listed them out for you! At CHI-SOCIETY, we make it easy for you to discover the best of Chicago fitness anytime and anywhere. At the end of this article, check out our favorite Chicago studios that offer virtual options!

Wide Range Of Offerings

When you search for virtual fitness options, there are so many offerings available for you to pick from! Virtual fitness studios have offered a wide range of offerings all that you can do at home. Try workouts from boxing to yoga to HIIT to even personal training all from your home! On top of that, pick from hundreds of classes at any time of the day! There are even free workout options on Youtube and Instagram. There are so many options when it comes to virtual fitness. There is something for everyone.

Affordable Cost

When comparing the costs of an in-person studio or gym to virtual classes, it is always cheaper! Virtual membership plans allow you to sign up for monthly content at reduced rates, especially when compared to costly gym memberships around Chicago. You get the best value with online membership options and you get to save your money. What a steal!

Convenience and Easy Access

Virtual fitness classes are at the tip of your fingers! There are no restrictions with virtual fitness when it comes to time of day, number of reserved spaces, or even inclement weather restrictions. To continue, on-demand classes can be streamed directly to you from any device and are available 24/7. Workout anytime and anywhere at your best convenience!

Provides Privacy

Whether you are new to the fitness scene or are looking to try something new, virtual fitness classes are here to help you explore and grow! With virtual workout classes, you are able to work out on your own time anywhere you’d like. Feel free to push yourself to your own limits and work out at your own pace, judgment-free.


With the rise of different variants of the Coronavirus or if you are just feeling under the weather, virtual fitness classes are a great option for those that would prefer to stay home! Virtual fitness classes gives you the opportunity to stay home, protect yourself and your loved ones, while also getting that workout in. Not only that, but all virtual fitness classe are taught by experienced and trained instructors who are looking out for your safety.

List of Chicago Studios Offering Virtual Fitness Options

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